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Lubo A natural born leader, Lubo is the leader of the pack and a staple to the Lulu brand. Lubo is a sweet chubby dino with a bright yellow tummy, who wears a yummy ice cream cone on his head. He is the manager of the Lulu Shop and helps keep the shop running. He is very playful, enjoys making new friends, and snacking on all kinds of food.

Chubby Duck Chubby duck is a cute puffy yellow duckie with a delicious donut that he wears on his head. Chubby duck loves to sing, dance, and eat. He is the assistant manager of the Lulu Shop and helps Lubo run the shop.

Bunny Latte Bunny Latte is a bright cheerful bunny with a huge love for boba drinks. She has a unique set of ears, which one of her ears serves as a straw, so she can sip and drink her bubble tea. You can find bunny latte hopping around town trying all sorts of bubble tea flavors and marketing the Lulu brand.

Teddy Ice Cream Teddy Ice Cream is a sweet teddy bear who is made out of ice cream. She has a unique soft whipped cream ear covered with sprinkles. Teddy Ice Cream enjoys shopping, yoga, and painting.

Dily Dilly is a bright pastel teddy bear with a unique chocolate chip cookie ear. He is also Lubo's stuff animal and a cuddle buddy.

Pastel Bunny Pastel Bunny is a soft cuddly bunny who has a sweet delicious napoleon cookie ear. Pastel Bunny enjoys, drawing, talking on the phone, and blogging.

Caterpillar Macaron Caterpillar Macaron is a shy critter, whom is made out of delicious macarons. He is the quietest of the group. Caterpillar Macaron enjoys gardening, reading, and sleeping.

Puppy Cupcake Puppy Cupcake is a cheerful pup whom is made out of a cupcake with a macaron ear. He enjoys running, going to the park, and cooking.